Our Achievements


Providing limited support to over 600 persons with hemophilia irrespective of their caste , creed or religion. Making available lifesaving medicine AHF at lowest price in the world and providing the same at no profit/subsidized/free basis to PWHs. Play a vital role in life threatening situation and saving lives of Homophiles.

Run our laboratory to diagnose Hemophilia at the care center. Run daily physiotherapy session at the center. Established a trained team of doctors comprising of a Physician, Hematologist, and orthopedic surgeon, physiotherapist, Technician and Social Worker

Some Of Our Achievements

Hemophilia Society Of Maharshtra (Pune Chapter) started in June 1992 with 27 PWHs.

Hemophilia Care Center started at Lohade Hospital 1993-94 with regular open clinics.

International Workshop conducted in Pune in 1995.

pilot DANIDA project started in 1996 & successfully completed in 1997.

Diagnostic Laboratory set up at Lohade Hospital in 1997 with the help of Shri Bansilal Chordiya Trust.

Twinning with Royal Free Hospital London 1997. Three doctors received fellowships for training abroad.

Twinning with Bradford in 1998.

Light Grant received from Kelley Communications U.S.A. for Computer & physiotherapy equipment in 1999.

Declared "Best Twin Of The Year" by WFH(World Federation of Hemophilia) for the year 2000.

With funds from Bradford own premises for office, laboratory & physiotherapy center purchased in 2000.

Light Grant received for purchase of Elisa Reader in 2001.

"Save one life" from U.S.A. to support ten poor families with Hemophilia.

Purchased 5000sq.ft lot at moshi, pune for developing Hemophilic center in 2010. We are in process of developing the center. Lakhabir Kaur, Liason officer from U.K is very active in raising funds for this new Hemophilic center.