Product Safety

Need for Stringent Blood Safety Measures. Blood-Borne Infectious Agents Hemophilia is genetic, so a person is born with hemophilia. Blood products such as anti hemophilic factors (AHF) are what generally make lives of hemophilia patients a little easier. These blood products are generally very expensive so persons with hemophilia (pwh) in India tend to depend quite heavily on unsafe wet blood products such as Fresh Frozen plasma or cryoprecipitate that necessarily expose them to blood borne infections such as hepatitis and HIV. Acquisition of blood-borne infectious agents constitutes a significant complication in hemophilia patients who receives continues blood products. Because of their reliance on repeated factor concentrate infusions, hemophilia patients are exposed to HCV and many other blood-borne viral agents such as HBV, HIV, and cytomegalovirus (CMV). HIV remains the most common cause of death among hemophilia patients.