The Organization

Serving from last 25 Years

Hemophilia Society of Maharashtra (Pune Chapter) was formed in 1992 with 27 patients. It is a non-profit organization registered under society Act, Bombay Public Trust act and FCR act of Govt., of India. It is affiliated to Hemophilia Federation (India) New Delhi, which is a member of World Federation of Hemophilia Montreal, Canada.

In 2017, we had total 862 patients registered in which

  • 669 patients having factor IIIV (Factor8) deficiency¬†
  • 116 patients having factor XI (Factor 9) deficiency
  • 42 patients having Von Willebrand deficiency
  • 12 patients having factor XIII (Factor 13) deficiency
  • 6 patients having factor XII (Factor 12) deficiency
  • 5 patients having Glz.Thr deficiency
  • 2 patients having factor X (Factor 10) deficiency
  • 1 patients having A.D.P deficiency
  • 1 patients having factor V (Factor 5) deficiency
  • 8 patients deficiency is unknown

Everything you need to know about Organization Aims

To set up a rehabilitation center in Pune for patients with hemophilia (PWH).

To help the families with economic rehabilitation.

To provide educational support to persons with Hemophilia (PWH).

To provide AHF injections to all patients at affordable cost.

To provide psychological support to patients.

To locate women with bleeding disorders in and around Pune.

To locate undiagnosed "Persons with Hemophilia".

To educate and provide proper information on Hemophilia Care to both persons With Hemophilia, their families and medical fraternity.

To make treatment available at an affordable cost.